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Sounds and Gear review Turf Smoke Maschine and Ableton Live pack from Raw Cutz...

JK Swopes from has kindly checked out Turf Smoke Maschine and Ableton Live custom kit pack - see what he think by checking the video!

Our packs now feature full Native Instruments Maschine Kits, and Ableton Live Drum Racks – all mixed and mastered in a consistent structure that means you can switch out kits and samples easily to try out different sounds with your song ideas.


For anyone wanting Loops and one shots only, we included these too so you can start experimenting fast with the samples no matter what studio setup you have. Also included are ready to play sampler patches for Halion, Kontakt, NNxt, SFZ and EXs24 compatible soft samplers.

  • In detail Turf Smoke includes over 400 samples in 24Bit, 44.1Khz, featuring 87 Loops and 319 One Shot Samples, plus Rex2 files for all the loops.

  • The Maschine Pack includes 30 Kit Groups of 16 samples per Group, and 10 Projects – all mixed and including demo patterns and projects.

  • The Ableton Live Pack includes 26 Drum Racks, and 10 projects.

  • The 13 soft sampler patches include the 10 kits in a ready to play format, plus additional patches featuring the musical samples only.

Full info about Turf Smoke can be found by clicking this link

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