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What’s good everybody? It’s time for another Maschine Masters review and I have a very dope kit that is just plain out SICK! Now if you love to get that hip-hop boom bap, urban Street or house sound, then allow me to introduce you to the Raw Cutz Super Pack, produced by Raw Cutz. This Pack consists of 5000 samples, “Yes you read that right” 5000 of the illest samples that you will ever come across. When you first open up the sample pack you will see 6 subfolders containing 300 Raw Drum Breaks, 3510 rawsample cutz, stabs and loops. 778 raw kick drum sample, 468 raw snare drum samples, 331 raw hi hats drum samples and 302 raw drum breaks converted into REX files. The kit features all 30 launch releases from their previous Raw Cutz kits. It can be used in virtually any music software that supports wav and Rex Format, not to mention it is in 24 bit (quality sound).

These Wav samples definitely have that vintage, dusty; raw character to their sound. I believe the sounds were processed through some of the classic analog gear such as the MPC and SP1200. Just so you know I tested these samples in two different DAW music software programs to see if the sound was true to my ears and sure enough they had that thick and warm character just as I thought it would. Enough said, let’s go in!

When you open the Raw Drum Breaks folder, you will notice that they have the BPM (beats per minute) listed in front of all 300 sample breaks, in which you will highly appreciate because you don’t have to go out of your way to detect the BPM manually, great for your workflow. They range anywhere from 81-99bpm, which is mostly used in any type of hip-hop song. Each Break is two bars long and very easy to chop up to build your own sample drum library. The drums are heavy, crisp and some have a nice swing to them. If your DAW music software supports REX files then you will value all 302 breaks in this kit. The fact that you can just load up the Rex Drum breaks and push play is very convenient for creating new ideas on the fly. They will play in any BPM range without having to time stretch or manually chop and apply them your pattern sequencer. It is very easy to move the REX midi notes around and build your own pattern.

If you’re a beginner in chopping breaks or your just one of those producers that want to get straight into making a beat without having to dig and chop then don’t worry my friends because Raw Cutz chopped them up for ya. You have your 778 Kicks, 486 Snares and 331 Hi hats placed in their own individual folder so your can select, apply and play. These one shots are great for that Dilla drum sound. Dilla was known to chop up breaks and adding his own touch to them. You can apply the same technique with these samples as well.

In the Raw Cutz sound samples folder you have 3510 raw one shot samples and loops played in the A-major scale. It will literally take you weeks to go through this sample library. Just to name a few, we’re talking about thousands of Bass, Organ, Horns, Strings, Stabs and effects samples.

Although these sounds are dope I was hoping to have more options within in the music scale. I went ahead and loaded one of the raw cutz drum break, a couple samples from the raw cutz sample folder and began arranging my sounds. I’m no J-Dilla but I came pretty close to sounding like him. Combining a couple organ stabs, strings and one shot effects with the drum break made a very classic boom bap track. Some of the delay effects on these samples give that +

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